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Coffee drinking has not only been a hobby or passion for most people. All throughout history, drinking and love for coffee has become an art especially for coffee aficionados. In fact, more and more people developed their passion for this perennially loved beverage. The increasing varieties of coffee and the evolution of high grade coffee beans to make your favorite beverage are evidences of this ever-growing love for coffee.

It is vital to know the different types of beans in order to determine which the best is and which ones is truly your type. All coffee lovers start with the basic and fundamental knowledge of their coffee whether it is roasted, Arabica, green or espresso. Through knowing the wide array of choices you have, you could narrow down your options. Thus, it truly helps to know the different types of beans and how these are produced before making a choice.

Roasted beans is one of the most popularly known and preferred type which could actually be produced or made at home. Roasting beans could actually produce a different texture, flavor and aroma to your coffee. The beans basically expand, change in density, color, texture, smell and overall flavor. Nevertheless, the basic contents such as the caffeine, acidity and protein of this type of coffee compared to unroasted ones are practically the same. The roasting process primarily composes of sorting, roasting and cooling the beans and eventually packaging the contents.

Arabica coffee is another type which originally comes from the mountainous areas of Yemen and Ethiopia. This is quite a high grade and expensive type of coffee due to the process of its cultivation to harvesting until it is ready for your consumption. Arabica coffee has rich and remarkable aroma and flavor.

This is accounted for the toughest methods of growing Arabica beans, protecting it and harvesting it for preparation and consumption. If you prefer a more economical means of availing your Arabica coffee, you could purchase from your local grocery store. Only you get not genuine or pure Arabica coffee but blended with Robusta beans.

Robusta coffee beans are the second most used bean in the world after Arabica. They are cheaper to produce and are used frequently in instant coffees and often used in espresso blends. The beans are said to be slightly more bitter and higher in caffeine content than their Arabica counterparts. Many countries around the world produce Robusta with Vietnam being the largest exporter.

Green coffee is another type is which basically coffee fruit picked when ripened and undergo the process of removing the pulp, fermenting the beans and stripping of its peanut-like skin. When the dried beans are all cleaned up and the pulps removed, these are now your green coffee. There are lots of types for green coffee with the best blends of aroma and taste which are imported from other countries including Costa Rica, Tanzania, Sumatra and Colombia.

Espresso coffee beans are also perennially loved type which has been in coffee history since the 20th century. Espresso types of coffee are quite highest in concentration due to its brewing process and contents. Espresso beans are pressurized through forcing the hot water through the compacted and finely grounded beans under very high pressure.

There are lots of different beans which you could choose for the best cup of coffee to enjoy alone or with your friends, family and loved ones. The best ways to become an authentic coffee aficionado is to basically know the fundamentals starting from the beans.

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