Roasted Coffee Beans

Roasted Coffee Beans – Ways to Roast Coffee

Coffee enthusiasts increase in number and widen in age brackets in the United States alone with about 80 percent of the population addicted to coffee drinking. One of the many things you need to consider if you are a coffee buff is taking your drinking pleasure to the next level. How? You could actually buy ready to drink coffees at the grocery or you could produce your own roasted coffee beans.

Coffee roasting was traditionally done and produced by only coffee connoisseurs and big companies. There are varieties of coffee available from green to chocolate covered roasted varieties. You could also opt for wholesale or bulk if you do not want to go out of stock of your favorite drinks or you have your own coffee shop business. You could choose from flavored to expensive gourmet coffees whichever ones you like. However, the best coffee choices practically depend on your palette and preferences.

Nowadays, with the different technologies and widespread techniques, you could do your own roasting process right in your home. Take note that the roasting process causes the transformation of the green beans of coffee to the flavorful and distinct characteristics of the roasted ones. The distinguishable changes show with the expansion of the beans and changes in taste, smell, color and density.

Although the contents of unroasted beans are still the same with the roasted ones specifically the protein, acid and caffeine contents, the taste is apparently different.

There Are Many Roasting Methods

The process of coffee roasting practically consists of essential steps including sorting the beans, roasting, cooling and eventually the packaging operation. In much larger roasting scales, coffee manufacturers use grinding machines to do the job. Nevertheless, you could also roast your favorite coffee without having to invest on costlier types of equipment. There are different methods to do this including the stove-top method where you use heavy iron skillet to get the best results. Using cast iron and heavy iron skillet is more effective for coffee roasting because beans are much better distributed in the skillet.

Oven Roasting method

Another method for coffee roasting is the Oven Roasting method. This is when you use gas oven to roast the beans and it is a much better option than electric ones. Make sure you also prepare better ventilation for better output since it would be a smoky process to begin with. Use metal steamer with a folding type on which to put one layer of green beans.

Popcorn Popper method

The Air Popcorn Popper method is also used in coffee roasting particularly utilizing the popper with slots on the side and not in the bottom. Make sure you position your roasting equipment in a well ventilated venue. You could put your green beans inside the popper with the same amount you do with popcorn. The roasting process however is much faster compared to popcorn as quick as three minutes.

Roasted java is one of the most delicious and highly preferred types of coffee today. The best thing about it is that you have plenty of choices to splurge on your favorite drink and even make it at home.

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