Blue Mountain Coffee

Blue Mountain Coffee – Jamaica’s Gourmet Brew

There are great classifications of coffee by region and Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is definitely on top of the charts. This coffee type is basically grown and cultivated in the significant parts of the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. This coffee type is one of the most preferred in the world by most coffee lovers because of its mild flavor and the absence of bitterness in the palette.

Throughout time, this coffee type is basically one of the sought-after and most expensive java exported worldwide. In fact, over 80 percent of the produced coffee from the Jamaican Blue Mountain is exported to Asian countries specifically Japan. There are remarkable ways of using this coffee type aside from its great base for brewed coffee. The perennially loved Tia Maria coffee is likewise one of the varieties with the flavor base of Jamaica Blue Mountain java.

Certification Equals Quality

In order to know that you are getting the best and authentic type of coffee from this recognized and high grade type, only the coffees certified by the organization called Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica are genuinely labeled. This is because this coffee is well protected by a globally recognized certification mark which shows it is exclusively grown in the region. Moreover, now only are these coffees grown and cultivated in the Blue Mountain regions of Jamaica. This type is likewise carefully and stringently monitored by the board in order to guarantee and ensure its quality and grade.

Growing Conditions

The location of the Blue Mountain is set between the northern part of the country known as Port Antonio and the southern region Kingston. This location is also known for its highest altitude which rises from 2,300 meters or 7,500 feet. Such is known as the highest mountains in the entirety of the Caribbean region. Due to its high altitude and environment, the climate of the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica is misty and cool with high rainfall. As to the soil, it
is quite rich and guarantees excellent drainage system. The blend of the good climate and the soil richness is perfectly ideal for coffee cultivation and production.

Rich and Bold Taste

There are great characteristics of this coffee type in the Jamaican Blue Mountain including its pure and very clean taste. The sweetness is quite noticeable which is not apparent in most varieties of coffee. The coffee flavor is actually smooth, rich and bold. However due to the restricted geographical range and the stringent standard of the coffee industry board of Jamaica, this coffee type is quite limited in quantity.

There is a personal and hand-made feel to this coffee production and processing because most coffee beans from Blue Mountain are grown, cultivated, nurtured and produced by small farmers. There are actually no huge coffee estates involved in its production unlike other coffee types in other regions.

The sweetness and distinct taste and flavor of coffee from Blue Mountain in Jamaica is the best option if you want to switch from other high-end coffees. Availing your coffee through online stores is one of the easiest ways to do it.

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