Colombian Coffee

Colombian Coffee – The Pride of South America

Legendary coffees are the ones you could find in their respective regions or countries. Regional distinctions of coffee are quite important to learn and understand especially for coffee aficionados who are perennially hooked to this drinking splurge. Of all the world’s coffee varieties Colombian coffee is among the most popular.

Coffee from Columbia is basically one of the most preferred and all-time favorite coffees because of its rich taste along with its full flavor. In its historical accounts, there are no clear records when Colombia began to produce and grow their very own coffee version. If you base it on the geographical map of the world, Colombia is the perfect place to grow and cultivate coffee.

Growing Conditions

For instance, coffee thrives especially when grown and cultivated at areas with very high altitudes and in warm weather. Colombia actually has this type of environment appropriate for coffee cultivation and production. Moreover, the mountainous terrains found in the Colombian regions are perfect to grow the coffee tree bearing Arabica coffee fruits or beans. Coffee Arabica tree perfectly thrives and flourish at areas with very shaded environment along with well drained soil. Regions in the mountainous Colombian terrain are perfectly appropriate for this production ordeal.

Full-Bodied Flavor

Colombian java is highly recommended and preferred by many coffee lovers all around the world because of its full-bodied textures and distinguishable taste and flavor. This is due to the growing process and cultivation of the coffee tree grown in areas with volcanic dirt. Other contributory factors are planting and growing coffee Arabica trees under banana and rubber trees shades.

Take note that the environment and venue is not the only factors to consider in coming up with the best coffees from Colombia. It also takes skills and tons of patience and persistence. Growing and cultivating Arabica tree actually takes three to four long years before you could get the berries with the coffee beans. From the pruning to the picking and the overall process of production, the secret lies with the proper handling process.

Regional Varieties

There are actually two basic regions in Colombia where coffee production and cultivation is most known which are the Eastern and Central regions. There are also distinct characteristics which coffees grown in each of these regions produce. For instance, Central region coffees are more balanced in terms of acidity and quite rich in terms of its flavor. Eastern region coffees on the other hand are grown in mountainous areas thus the coffees are much richer in taste and less acidic. Due to these characteristics, Eastern region coffees are highly preferred by most coffee lovers than its Central region counterpart.

The best thing about coffees produced in Colombia nowadays is that you could purchase your choice through online stores with innumerable varieties to choose from. There are organic, roasted and gourmet coffees which are specialty of Colombia. Now it takes a simple click of your mouse to finally get the best Colombian java blend all coffee drinkers are searching for.

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