Kona Coffee Review

Kona Coffee – The Best From Hawaii

There are innumerable types of coffee by region which are quite distinct in their characteristics, taste and aroma among others. Kona coffee for instance is one type of Arabica coffee which is basically grown and cultivated in some specific regions of the Big Island of Hawaii. These are the regions of South Kona Districts and the Northern slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa.

Premium Variety

This type of coffee is actually one of the most sought after in the world and has specifically developed a kind of reputation that made it one of the costliest and luxurious coffees in the entire world. Nevertheless, take note that only coffees which are grown and produced in the southern Kona Districts are actually legally described as Kona java.

Growing Conditions

There are innumerable factors that contribute to the production of this variety of coffee in the most famous island of Hawaii. There are distinct and unique weather patterns that only Kona is blessed with such as the sunny mornings and rain or cloud cover in the afternoons. During the night time, there are little winds and mild breezes combined with the mineral and porously rich volcanic soil. All these factors are perfectly appropriate and 100% favorable for
growing coffee and cultivating the best coffee beans.

As to the growing and processing of this type of coffee, it is most likely to bloom during the months of February and March. The green berries are recorded to appear during April and by late August, the cherry which is the red fruit already starts to ripen until it is ready for the picking. Between the months of august and January, the Kona trees are hand-picked which could approximately provide and produce from 20 to 30 pounds of cherry.

Varying Types

There are different classifications of Kona coffee beans based according to the type of the seed of the tree. Type I of this coffee contains dual beans per cherry with one flat side and oval on the other. The Type II beans however are only consists of a single round bean for each cherry which is also termed as peaberry. Furthermore, classification of the Kona java beans is also based on the size of the beans, its purity level and its moisture content.

Kona java is indeed quite expensive and rare thus most retailers especially those providing this coffee type through online stores sell different varieties or Kona Blends. These are not pure Kona java which is actually very expensive to some coffee lovers. The blends are not combinations of the different types of Kona coffee but blended with foreign coffees. Two of the most known blends are Brazilian and Colombian coffee combined with Kona java. For instance, you only get 10% of Kona java and the rest of the 90% is already composed of cheaper types of imported coffee beans.

The Hawaiian regions are perfect venues for coffee production and the finest ones at that. Kona java is indeed a great option if you want some twist for your roasted, gourmet or organic types of coffee. This coffee specialty from Hawaii is indeed worth your money!

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