Cuisinart DCC-1100 Review

Cuisinart DCC-1100 Review

High quality coffee making devices are indispensable in kitchen and offices especially if you are a hundred percent coffee enthusiast. No wonder the Cuisinart DCC-1100 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker is a surefire hit among coffee lovers and buffs. There are features which are specially made and constructed in this unit programmed to create aromatic and flavorful brews.

One of the reliable specs of this coffee making machine is the water reservoir with highly advanced features. The cover could be easily opened and lifted up so that you could conveniently pour in your desired amount of water. Use the water level indicator at the rear portion of the reservoir to guide you and avoid overfilling the unit. It also comes with the showerhead which you could use to evenly distribute the water over the coffee beans. With this type of feature, you ensure temperature loss reduction to a significant level.

The filter basket along with the included water filter are instrumental to creating high quality coffee brews any time you want and anywhere you want to make your coffee. The filter basket is used with the unit where it could hold up to four pieces of water filters and a single permanent filter. To retain and even enhance the quality flavor of your coffee brew, you could use the charcoal water filter which screens elements in the water such as calcium, chlorine and any other bad tastes.

The LCD Digital Clock is another one of the many features of the programmable and automatic unit. It basically displays the setting of the time as well as the day which delivers an automatic function. The function knob is likewise a programming feature which you could initiate through the Auto On and Auto Off system. These fully automatic features guarantee that you could use or preset the timer of the unit to use anytime during the day or night. The automatic shut off is preset from 0 to 4 hours in order to ensure your safety and retain the temperature of your coffee.

Another useful feature of the programmable coffeemaker is the cup setting which you use to customize the amount or cup of coffee you want to create. You could brew smaller pots of java and not worry about it getting cold. That’s because it provides the double heating system so that your beverage is kept hot and warm.

This unit provides you everything you need especially for easy maintenance and cleanup with the help of its clean setting. You are given the alarm that it is high time to clean your coffee maker so that you could timely remove the calcification from the area of the water reservoir. Moreover, cleaning and properly maintaining the unit would definitely help you lengthen the life of your coffee making machine.

Coffee making is certainly the best way of indulging into your passion as a certified coffee connoisseur. Do your research and find out which coffee making machine works best for you and help you enjoy coffee drinking today.

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