Viking coffee maker

Viking 12 cup coffee maker

If you are looking for a 12 cup coffee maker you might want to check out the Viking VCCM12MS, this model will make 12 cups of coffee or tea and it has a programmable clock timer you can set to brew 4 to 12 cups. The Viking coffee maker will allow you to pour a cup of coffee or tea without waiting for the whole pot to brew with a technology they call “brew break”.

The Viking coffee maker comes with a 12 cup stainless steel pot that can keep your coffee warm for hours and it retains its fresh taste. The front of the Viking coffee maker is stainless steel, and the sides of the maker are made from a high-quality metallic looking plastic.

Viking 12 cup coffee maker

Some of the features are:

  • Programmable clock timer
  • Brew break technology
  • Makes 12 cups of coffee or tea
  • Removable water reservoir
  • Removable brew basket
  • (permanent) Stainless steel coffee filter
  • Stainless steel tea basket accessories
  • High quality

This coffee maker is made to be used in a residential setting and not for commercial use. The Viking 12 cup coffee maker comes with a 12 month warranty that will protect you from defects from manufacturing.

I have seen the Viking 12 cup coffee maker on sale from about $150 to $314.95. If you look around you can find coffee maker coupons and save a considerable amount on your purchase. For the price this compares to the higher end coffee makers that sell for $700 plus.

The initial priming of this coffee machine is very quick and easy to do. This coffee makers water canister is side loading, not from the top, like so many coffee makers are made. This is great if you keep it under your kitchen cupboards because you won’t need to pull it out every time you want to use it.

The Viking coffee maker is not very loud, you can hear the sound of the pump during the brewing but it is not loud at all. The coffee pot is designed so it will not spill like so many of the glass coffee pots I have used. The coffee pot is also insulated and it really keeps your coffee hot for hours!

The Viking 12 cup coffee maker may not be jammed with a ton of extra features but it has everything necessary to make a great cup… or 12 cups of your favorite brew. I think the quality of the coffee maker makes up for any of the bells and whistles it may not have. I do not hesitate in recommending this coffee maker to anyone, and if you get this coffee maker, please come back and let me know what you think of it.

Please be sure to look for a Viking coffee maker coupon or a special sale to save some money on your next coffee maker purchase.

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