French Press Instructions

French Press Coffee Instructions

French Press is also known as the plunger pot which helps people with coffee preparation yielding excellent tasting and rich aromatic blends. The basic brew style for coffee which is prepared in this coffee maker is the espresso type. This machine is primarily not only amazing to look at with its awesome construction. It is also the best way of making full-bodied and fine brew anytime anywhere you want.

So why and how do you make highest quality coffee blends through using the French press? This type of coffee maker process ground coffee beans steeped in hot water. Afterward, it is strained using metal strainer which filters enough sediment from the beans. This is the process which guarantees more body and richness to your cup of coffee. The result is basically an espresso-type of coffee which tastes even much better than the cup of brew you get from electric coffee machines. The best results are still to uncover before you especially if you use French ground beans.

Same Methods Apply To Making Tea

Take note that the methods and instructions for using French press is basically the same when it comes to preparing or brewing tea. It is good to note that the process or method by which professional coffee connoisseurs use to brew samples for their judging and planning is also the same. Due to the highest standards of preparing your favorite coffee brew in a French press, you are 100% sure that your java blend is primarily of excellent taste.

Another important thing to consider in using French press for creating your all-time favorite coffee blend is on how to choose the right coffee maker. Make sure that durability and high efficiency is part and parcel of the features of your choice of coffee. French press units must never be placed directly into stoves or other heating elements. Thus, pot size coffee makers are best in order to immediately brew and enjoy your blend. Portability is also one of the great features especially for those who want travel-size and one-cup models.

You Must Drink The Coffee Right Away

The most important thing to remember about French press units is that you must immediately serve your brew and not later because it is basically not a coffee warmer or storage.

Brewing coffee through this coffee press is quite easy when you follow the step-by-step instructions for full-bodied and rich coffee without the fuss.

Step-By-Step Preparation Method Explained

Preheat the coffee pot and plunger using hot water by simply pouring the liquid inside the pot. Allow it for one or two minutes then pour out the water measuring two-level tablespoons of medium-ground of fine coffee for each serving. Put this into the beaker or the glass cylinder. The best result is guaranteed through using freshly ground coffee. Boil water and let stand until it is no longer bubbling before pouring it over the coffee grounds inside the beaker. Mix the blend until everything is thoroughly soaked then place the French press on the beaker, pressing the plunger straight down with steady and firm hand.

Pour the coffee into your coffee mugs and immediately serve the brew with your desired additions such as sugar, milk and cream.


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