Starbucks Coffee Review

Starbucks: What More Coffee Can Be?

Everyone knew that the simple little black coffee was something more than a breakfast or afternoon drink. But perhaps nobody thought it could be so much more! Thanks to the worldwide chain of Starbucks Coffee Shops, the world has perhaps seen the best that coffee can be, or maybe things are only starting to heat up.

Giving coffee the much needed makeover, Starbucks added froth, flavor, syrups, and all sorts of other things. And now, the old rejuvenating elixir somewhat became a sensation even among Hollywood stars. So what is the rave all about? Well, perhaps it is better to take a little tour around.

Quality Beverages

Common people and celebrities alike were drawn into the Starbucks mania because of the many new varieties of coffee it offered. From Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, and Frappuccino, everything of the ordinary were made special. And not to mention, the additives like coffee flavorings, chocolate syrups, creams, and others.

And to make the chain more attractive to everyone, because truth be told that not everyone is so fond of coffee, the chain also offers a variety of bottled drinks, chocolate beverages, tea drinks, and fruit blends called Vivanno Smoothies.

Whole Coffee Beans

Okay, so there is a lot of buzz about these new variants of coffees. But it is best not to forget that the original should still stand and that many would still be looking for the classic. And not to disappoint its customers, Starbucks also offers bags of quality coffee beans for home brewing.

And the variety will wake you more than the caffeine can! Featuring beans from all over the world like Costa Rica, Latin America, Guatemala, Ethiopia and Kenya coffee beans, you can select different intensities like mild, medium, extra bold, and dark roast.

Delectable Gourmets

But perhaps no chain would be so successful with just drinks no matter how fine those drinks are. And so to address the missing link, Starbucks also put together a fine menu of delectable gourmet snacks.

And while the coffees are world class, the gourmet meals and desserts are nothing short of world class either. From ice creams, salads, sandwiches, baked goods, breakfast meals, and healthy fruit snacks, the menu list is complete.

Nutrition Conscious

With all the flare of these coffee-turned-gourmet products, there is a rave among the health conscious. But while moderation is advised, perhaps it is best to add some healthy stuff to balance the scales. And what a nice menu of nutritious meals Starbucks came up with!

So do you need to take off a little less calorie off your cup of coffee? Go tell that lady in the counter and they will customize your drink to only 200 calories and below. And for the gourmet meals and desserts, you can make the same request and reduce the calories to 350 or lower.

So with all these fine goodness, there is no wonder Starbucks made it to the stars. This made the chain a good place for business meetings, dates, rendezvous, passing of time, and other things. In any case, it is a great place to have coffee.

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