Flavored Coffee Recipes

Best Flavored Coffee Recipes

When it comes to coffee drinking, flavored coffee is undoubtedly one of the most important and known staples of American and worldwide diet. In fact, you could make dozens of special and great tasting blends depending on your palette and preferences. Coffee is indeed the topmost beverage which is loved then and now. Coffee aficionados and lovers who aim for rich flavor and pleasurable qualities for their coffee are in for a variety of flavored brews.

There are different outstanding coffee recipes for those who are quite adventurous in their taste and coffee drinking spree. Aside from the usual latte, frappes and cappuccinos, you could mix and match syrups, creamers, spices, fruits, chocolate, vanilla and nuts to create unique brews. These have different calorie contents and nutritional features which are often deemed the best stimulants and energy boosting treats.

Here are some of the known flavored coffee recipes which you may consider. No need for you to go to your favorite baristas or cafés to have a cup of fantastic flavored java.

The Canadian Coffee

The ingredients for this great tasting and full-bodied brew include pure maple syrup, rye whiskey and hot black and double strength coffee. Garnish the topping using pure maple syrup and whipped cream. To prepare this special brew, all you need to do is basically divide the maple syrup and the whiskey to your glass mugs or goblets. Pour in the coffee and spoon the creamy and soft topping over your coffee. It’s nice, easy yet remarkable in taste and aroma.

Bailey’s Irish Cappuccino

This brew needed original Bailey’s Irish cream, hot coffee and pressurized dessert topping with nutmeg. All you need to do is pour in the Irish cream into your coffee mug. Mix in the hot black coffee according to your preferred portion and amount. You could also add other optional recipes if you like such as creams and sugar. Top the mixture with the dessert topping you have. Garnish the topping using a dash of nutmeg you have previously grounded.

Orange Cinnamon Coffee

Cinnamon is a great example of spice-based flavored java brew popular in many coffee shops and coffee clubs. The main recipes for this masterpiece include cinnamon sticks, vanilla extract, ground coffee and grated orange peel. To prepare the brew, you need to place the coffee along with the orange peel in the food processor or blender. Turn the machine on and as it is running, carefully add the vanilla extract. Place the mixture in a small bowl as you stir in and
mix the cinnamon sticks. This is best served when chilled and could definitely give your fellow coffee lovers a great treat for parties and gatherings.

The recipes to create the best coffee masterpieces with the best flavor and aroma do not demand you to shell out hundreds of cash. In fact, you could find some ingredients in your home to help you whip up the best brews like the pros could.

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