Types of Gourmet Coffee

Types of Gourmet Coffee – Which Are The Best?

Types of Gourmet CoffeeAs the name implies, gourmet coffee simply means superior flavor, characteristics and aroma of your favorite coffee type or blend. Authentic coffees under this bracket are the ones that have high end and upscale flavor and smell. High-end coffee is also related to the expensive or costlier price compared to conventional types of gourmet coffee. That’s because the growing, cultivation and preparation of this java blend is no piece of cake.

Coffee beans of gourmet brews are undeniably of highest standard thus making it more expensive than others. Genuine gourmet brews are actually classified into different types. However there are only two main species of coffee beans namely Arabica and Robusta. These two coffees are both cultivated and grown especially in equatorial regions due to the climate and soil requirements of the coffee trees.

Arabica & Robusta Are Popular

Arabica coffee is reputed as the best grade java blend which is highly preferred by many coffee connoisseurs in every corner of the world. This blend is actually consists of 50% caffeine and one of its most remarkable characteristics is its well balanced flavor to the palette. This coffee type is usually grown at areas with higher altitudes from 1000 to 2000 meters. Thus, it is originally cultivated in the mountainous terrains of Yemen, Ethiopia and Sudan until it was grown in other areas around the world.

Arabica is known for its lesser yields making it rare to find which contributes to its costliness. Other known characteristics of Arabica gourmet java is the delicate acidic flavor along with its caramel-like aftertaste and refine aroma.

Robusta coffee on the other hand is much cheaper and lesser in standards or quality compared to its Arabica counterpart. It has higher yield per coffee tree and is much higher in its caffeine contents. Robusta is known for its strong taste compared to the milder ones of Arabica. It has a woody aftertaste and full-bodied texture making it a great option for java blends and mixture as well as for instant coffee.

Kona & Blue Mountain Are Delicious

Although Arabica and Robusta are main types of gourmet brews, it is important to note that there are other high end coffees which could also be categorized under the gourmet bracket. The Hawaiian Kona coffee is well known for its rich taste and aromatic excellence because of its great contributory factors for cultivation. This coffee type is grown in Big Island, Hawaii particularly on the Mauna Loa slopes and Hualalai Mountain. This is a rare coffee fruit specifically the Peaberry Kona which is known for its concentrated flavor and taste.

Jamaican Blue Mountain is likewise a gourmet treat which has even gained worldwide recognition as the most delicious java blend in the world. It is grown with the help of volcanic soil, cool and misty covered climate in the Jamaican regions. It basically has larger coffee beans along with its complex taste making it distinguishable from other Arabica varieties.

The next time you go to your favorite baristas or café for a cup of gourmet brew, you know exactly what to look for and what type suits your palette.

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