Latte Coffee Recipes

Latte Coffee Recipes – Best Preparation Methods

Coffee latte is one of the most remarkable and highly preferred options for your coffee blends. No coffee shop menu lists are complete without some of the best types of coffee options such as latte, espresso, macchiato and so much more. For serious latte coffee lovers, there are innumerable things you could learn especially how to make this type of brew.

There are also other important components for making latte such as using coffee machines and makers. If you want instant and easy to prepare brews of latte, you could also use coffee pods which you could avail online and in your local grocery stores.

Latte Defined

It is quite salient to learn more about latte and what it is really all about especially its historical value in the beverage industry. Latte is basically of Italian origin and is created through blending strong drip brewed coffee or espresso with steamed milk. There are also options which you could garnish your coffee blend with a little amount of foam.

There are lots of different latte coffee recipes. However, basic latte is composed only of three main ingredients including shots of espresso, steamed milk and a quantity of foam or froth. Preparation of latte is quite simple especially if you have the recipes and coffee machines to begin with.

Step-by-Step Instructions

First, steam the milk and pour it in your latte mug. In preparing your espresso, prepare it as you normally would. Dispense the brew into the steamed milk and the amount or espresso shots would actually depend how you like your latte blend. If you enjoy espresso flavor, you could add extra espresso shots in your cup of coffee. You could easily do this if your coffee maker is quite complex or multi-purpose. However if your serving cup is not fit under the brewing head, you could separately brew the espresso in a separate vessel.

Add Some Chocolate For A Delicious Taste

There are coffee aficionados who like to garnish their blends with chocolate or cinnamon stick. However there are also those who add flavor to their brew through pouring in syrup and foam or froth of milk.

Options for Adding Fruit

If you want something more unique and exciting, you could prepare fruit-based lattes with health conscious features. One popular recipe is the low fat apple and strawberry latte recipe. The basic ingredients for this blend include a mixture of organic espresso, low sugar strawberry and apple syrup. Other than that you also need steamed milk and a tablespoon of cinnamon powder. Moreover, electronic blender and espresso maker would also do the trick.

To do this, mix all the low fat syrups along with the espresso and steamed milk into the blender container. After blending the ingredients, put the cinnamon powder as garnish on the top of the coffee blend. It is actually as simple as that and you could enjoy your latte anywhere and anytime you like.

There are still other latte recipes to splurge on and you could explore them, customize or make some twists to add kicks to your blends.

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