Folgers Coffee

Folgers Coffee: Your Good Morning Brew

From its distinct aroma, its reenergizing properties, to its simple simplicity, coffee has remained a mainstay favorite worldwide. And just as things seemed all well, James A. Folger established in 1850 what would change the course of coffee lovers for the better.

The man introduced roasted coffee to the masses – a choice that seemed only affordable to the wealthy back then. And since the brand name’s acquisition by Procter and Gamble and its recent merging with Smucker Company, it is now the leading and most sought after coffee brand in the United States.

Folgers Classic Roast

You do not have to be an aficionado to tell the worlds-apart difference between a regular instant and a high quality roast. Coffee in its most basic and classical form possesses an aroma and flavor that is hard to forget.

And that is exactly what the Folgers Classic Roast is all about – a reminder to the world of what coffee should be. And for a more personalized taste, you can choose from different intensities of roast from mild, medium, medium dark, and dark roast.

Folgers Gourmet Selections

Everyone loves the classic but there should always be room for innovation. And what a yummy innovation Folgers has made with its Folgers Gourmet Selections line. From your old favorite, you can now occasionally indulge in this fine goodness.

And to add a swirl to these gourmet coffees, Folgers added several flavors you can choose from. So morning after morning, get a different welcome from varieties like Chocolate Truffle, Caramel Drizzle, Vanilla Biscotti, Hazelnut Crème, and Bold Java.

Folgers Instant Varieties

Part of innovation is adapting with the changing world. And what a busy place the world turned out to be! But no matter, Folgers came up with a fine solution to make sure that you can always enjoy the classic taste of roasted coffee.

So forget the fuss and the long dragging brewing. With Folgers Instant Varieties, you can now enjoy the taste of classic roast without the time lag. And for the caffeine conscious, you can choose from Classic Roast and Classic Decaf.

Folgers Cappuccino

Somewhere along the long line of coffee’s history, the black drink underwent many different changes which gave birth to fine varieties. Among which is the cappuccino which easily won the hearts of many. You can now easily order one in fine coffee shops.

But if you are looking for a great way to enjoy cappuccino at home, you can opt for Folgers Cappuccino. With it, you can now enjoy that frothy and creamy quality without having to pay a visit to expensive coffee shops. And you even have a choice of flavor. You can either go for French Vanilla or Mocha Chocolate.

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