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Coffee Makers

Coffee Makers and MachinesThere are known brands and models of coffee machines you could choose from in the market today. For bean grinders, some of the trusted names in the coffee industry include Burr, Krups and Braun units which are classified into commercial and manual models. For coffee makers, known brands are Keurig, Cuisinart, Bunn, Krups and Braun.

Coffee By Region

Coffee By Region and CountriesCoffees are classified according to the regions or the place of origin. The tastes and aroma of these java blends are majorly dependent on the country from which they come from. Some of the most renowned regions or countries known for high grade java include Columbian regions, Kona, Java and Jamaican Blue Mountain.

Coffee Grinders & Mills

Coffee Bean GrinderAside from knowing the fundamental coffee beans available in the market today, there are also a wide array of coffee grinders and coffee makers. Nowadays, you need not shell out a great amount of money to hang out in your favorite café and drink your favorite cup of brew. Coffee making at home is made easy and result to great tasting and aromatic blends through the help of the right recipes and reliable equipment.

Coffee Beans

Coffee BeansCertified coffee connoisseurs ought to have in-depth knowledge and understanding about their all-time favorite beverage. One thing is to explore everything about coffee beans and the different varieties you could choose from in the market today. There are roasted coffee beans, Arabica, green and espresso java. These types of beans have their distinct and unique features that deliver great tasting and full-bodied flavor and aroma.

Roasted beans are processed from the sorting, roasting method, cooling and packaging of the end product. There are conventional as well as contemporary ways of making roasted beans that deliver the same high end brews. Arabica java on the other hand is high quality beans cultivated from high altitude and rich soils. Green or organic beans are highly preferred for their health-safe and environmental-friendly features.

Organic Coffee

Organic CoffeeHigh quality brews are also equivocal to organic coffee which also comes in different beans and brands. Organically grown coffee trees and beans are the ones that grow and cultivated without the use of synthetic fertilizers and artificial pesticides. Another great thing about organic coffee is the Fair Trade which helps small time coffee growers and farmers. If you want to help the coffee industry and save money as well, it is highly advised to consider Fair Trade coffee and buying by bulk or wholesale.


Cappuccino CoffeeThe different varieties of java for different palettes gave birth to the creation of choices such as cappuccino, decaf and gourmet coffee. Cappuccino is basically the blend of steamed milk and espresso along with its trademark foamy or frothy features. There are cappuccino machines and recipes to create the best blends for enthusiasts.

Decaf Coffee

Decaffeinated CoffeeThe different varieties of java for different palettes gave birth to the creation of choices such as cappuccino, decaf and gourmet coffee. Cappuccino is basically the blend of steamed milk and espresso along with its trademark foamy or frothy features. There are cappuccino machines and recipes to create the best blends for enthusiasts.

Gourmet Coffee

Gourmet CoffeeGourmet coffee is another significant part of the java industry which has developed into clubs and gift ideas. Making gourmet coffee gift baskets is one of the most known gift giving options for coffee aficionados. There are also gourmet java pods and clubs where you could avail world-class coffee from different countries conveniently and affordably.

Coffee Benefits

Coffee Health BenefitsDue to the popularity of coffee, it is inevitable that there are studies and researches done to uncover its benefits to the body. Health reasons are becoming prominent foundations why more and more people are getting hooked to coffee drinking. Caffeine is antioxidant which helps you fight off health problems such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Coffee History

History of CoffeeIf you are an avid coffee drinker then you might find it fascinating to learn about the history and origins of coffee. Indeed, this beverage originated in Ethiopia around the 13th century. Over the next 500 years it spread all over the world to become a staple beverage in millions of peoples homes and in coffee shops. Coffee first spread to the Arabian peninsula and especially Yemen. From there the beverage spread to Europe via Italy and then to the Caribbean and the rest of the Americas.

Flavored Coffee

Flavored CoffeeOne of the most exciting aspects about drinking coffee is that you can prepare it and flavor it anyway you would like. In addition to being able to purchase different kinds of flavored coffee beans you can also create a cup of flavored java by adding some flavored cream. There are many different aromas which are quite delicious with the most popular being hazelnut and French vanilla. Of all the coffee brands Green Mountain Coffee does a fantastic job offering flavored java beverages.

Latte Coffee

Latte CoffeeOf all the coffee drinks one of the most popular is latte. This is an Italian coffee that combines steamed milk with espresso. It varies slightly to an espresso in that it has a slightly higher proportion of milk and is not as strong. Many coffee drinkers like to drink a latte with bread or toast for breakfast or like a nice latte after a mid-day meal. Often a latte goes great with a dash of cinnamon or a chocolate.

Iced Coffee

Iced CoffeeThe summer months can be long and hot and one great way to cool down and feel refreshed is to enjoy a nice cup of iced coffee. This popular beverage goes great alone and can also serve as a fantastic desert. There are many recipes for making iced coffee from all over the world. Among the most popular are versions from Jamaica, Mexico and Thailand. These drinks are commonly very sweet and served with slightly heavier cream. Furthermore, there are other ways of making iced coffee that add a dash of rum or Tia Maria liqueur.

Caffeine in Coffee

Caffeine in CoffeeThere are lots of things you must basically know about this all-time favorite beverage especially the amount of caffeine in coffee. Contemporary coffee enthusiasts are becoming more and more meticulous in terms of their health. Hence, knowing the quantity of caffeine in their drinks and its effects to health is of utmost importance. There are positive impacts of caffeine just as there are cons for those who do not know moderation in drinking.

One of the most prominent issues about coffee drinking is caffeine addiction. Most people do not know when and how to stop drinking to the point of jeopardizing their health. Take note that just like any other consumptions, going overboard in drinking coffee is ultimately hazardous to your health. Java becomes dangerous if too much caffeine is taken in specifically more than the recommended 130 mg consumption.

There are innumerable health-related problems related to drinking too much coffee including irritability, anxiety, fatigue, mood swings, headache and depression. There are even serious implications to your health including problems related with cardiovascular functions.

There are also different conceptions about caffeine in relation to pregnancy. The most common and pressing query is if it is dangerous for pregnant women to drink coffee or not. For instance, the very key and secret to this issue is still moderation. Pregnant women are still safe to consume coffee as long as they do not go overboard and consume more than 130 mg of caffeine every day.

Coffee Preparation

Coffee PreparationWhether you are a seasoned coffee drinker or are just starting to drink java now you will be faced with many ways to prepare your brew. Indeed, there are innumerable ways to make a cup of coffee and finding the right one can truly deliver the best tasting beverage. Whether you would like to make filtered coffee, use a French press maker or a coffee machine you will find lots of information here on how to make the best brew.

Espresso Coffee

Espresso CoffeeFor many decades people have become fascinated with a lovely coffee drink called espresso. Indeed, with the growth of coffee chains throughout the country and peoples’ desire to make the beverage at home a lot of interest has been generated. In order to make a perfect cup of espresso you will want to understand its basic fundamentals including a brief history of the beverage, perparation techniques, the right kinds of machines and beans to use in order to get a great final product.

Turkish Coffee

Turkish CoffeePeople all over the world have been enjoying Turkish Coffee for hundreds of years. This unique variation of the beverage provides a unique drinking experience offering strong flavor and aroma. The tradition of preparing coffee with this method started in Ethiopia then spread to Europe and the Middle East through Istanbul. Here you will learn about the best way to make Turkish coffee as well as which kinds of pots (called ibrik) and other equipment.

Top Coffee Brands

Top Coffee BrandsIf you are a coffee lover then you will be delighted to find out that there are innumerable brands which can satisfy your desire for that perfect cup. Whether you are a gourmet coffee connoisseur or are living a fast-paced lifestyle looking for the best instant coffee on the market you will find an excellent resource for the top coffee brands here including Folgers, Maxwell House, Millstone, Nescafe and more.

Coffeehouse Chains

Coffee Shop Chains In AmericaOver the past few years there has been an incredible trend in the coffee industry: Chains popping up all over the country offering some of the finest coffee beverages available. If you are a coffee lover then you will be delighted to discover the amazing variety of java varieties ranging from simple American-style coffee to high-end upscale delights. Here you will be able to read a review of the best coffee shops in the USA including Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, McCafe and more!

Best Coffee Sites

Top Coffee WebsitesWe have recently done a review of what we believe to be the top 14 most informative coffee related websites online today. Here you can read reviews of these sites and further broaden your knowledge of everything about coffee including the industry, news, preparation techniques and equipment, where to buy online and much more!

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