Coffee and Pregnancy

Coffee and Pregnancy – Should I Avoid It?

Most pregnant women usually have qualms and innumerable queries about coffee intake in their very delicate condition. So is there really a truth and foundation behind the common conception that pregnant women should avoid drinking coffee? Caffeine in coffee and pregnancy actually do not link with each other. Nevertheless, it has become a general agreement that women who are pregnant must cut their coffee consumption big time.

If you wanted to be sure of the effects of coffee during pregnancy, you must understand some basic and fundamental issues. For instance, take note that healthcare experts and relevant studies such as the March of Dimes advise women caffeine intake limitation. The most recommended amount of coffee and caffeine consumption per day is anything less than 200 mg each day.

It Is Important To Cut Back

How do they come up with this kind of advice in the first place? In March of 2008, the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology that women who are pregnant and consumed more than 200 mg per day are most prone and have double risks of getting miscarriage. Thus, if you know that you are already pregnant, the very first sacrifice you need to do is to cut a significant amount of caffeine consumption from your diet.

Take note that although there are no direct links between caffeine contents consumption and pregnancy, it is still smart to seriously take the caution by heart. If you do not want to risk your health and the life of your unborn child, it is much better to be mistaken on the side of caution than endanger your safety and health.

Caffeine & Pregnancy: Know the risks

Miscarriage is not the only risk or problem that pregnant women have to grapple with. Caffeine basically causes blood vessel constriction thus reducing blood flow to the placenta. Moreover, caffeine is a substance that is carried by the blood, thus easily reaches your baby which in turn readily metabolizes it in his own system. Therefore, caffeine which directly enters the body of your unborn infant could also affect his or her developing cells.

In most researches aimed to see and discover the proofs that caffeine and pregnancy could be interrelated to each other show that baby boys from women who have caffeine overload have abnormal testes. In other cases, stillbirths are likewise more likely in women who consume too much coffee, actually more than the recommended amount. Other studies show that newborns with coffee-drinker mothers have faster breathing and heart rates.

Watch Out For Other Caffeinated Drinks

It is however important to note that too much consumption of coffee is not the only culprit and danger that pregnant women must be aware of and avoid. There are other beverages and food groups having high caffeine levels or amount. These include green tea, espresso, energy drinks such as red bull, sodas such as coke and even ice cream.

Coffee intake especially during pregnancy is definitely a pressing issue to deal with. The key to healthy pregnancy is to know the nutritional value of what you eat and drink especially the effects of coffee to your delicate condition.

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