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Caffeine Addiction – How to Stop Drinking Coffee

Coffee is undoubtedly one of the most expensive luxuries in the world since there are innumerable types of coffee which have lofty price rates. Nevertheless, you must also remember that caffeine in coffee could have prominent and oftentimes negative impacts on your health. The continuous and increasing growth of coffee shops in practically any part of the world is evident to the addiction and apparent enjoyment of people with coffee.

There are innumerable reasons why health experts see the importance of cutting your consumption of coffee. So how do you possibly stop drinking coffee especially if you have already found yourself hooked to this type of addiction? It is quite salient to know and understand the implications of coffee to your health in order to motivate you to stop it.

A lot your precious time and research has been dedicated to the study of caffeine amounts in coffee. Do you know how much caffeine does one cup of coffee have? How much is the mg of caffeine in your coffee and what is its possible impact to your health? Do you know that there is a great amount of caffeine in the coffee beans even? Knowing these vital data and information could give you more willpower to finally put a stop to your addiction.

Cut Back Slowly

Too much coffee intake affects your nervous system, keeps you awake and sometimes over fidgety and worried. It is also high in calories and poses serious damages to your kidney on top of its physical effects such as staining your teeth.
Just like any other addiction, the best way to put a stop to coffee compulsion is to taper off in a gradual manner. Take note that eliminating caffeine contents from your diet in an abrupt and all-at-once fashion could definitely give you negative physical impacts and symptoms. This may include some physical effects such as irritability and painful headaches. Decrease your caffeine or coffee consumption gradually until you are entirely caffeine-free.

Coffee Alternatives

Coffee is not the only viable drink you could resort to. Take note that you could also utilize alternative energy sources or drinks. Do you know that you could get less health hazards in consuming caffeinated coffee compared to tea? How about caffeinated coffee vs. coke? You could also explore other alternatives and basic information such as caffeinated coffee vs. red bull?

These energy sources or drinks are still very good when it comes to energizing you the way coffee does. However, there are just lots of cons of coffee compared to these energy sources. Moderation is always the key to health and you could definitely become much wiser in your choices of energy drinks other than coffee.

Exercise Also Helps

If you want something natural and health-friendly, you could resort to something else to energize your body and get the same result but minus the effects of caffeine in your body. Exercising is one of the surest ways to effectively increase your energy levels through natural sources and nothing less. The production of adrenaline and endorphins allow you to regain your energy and keep your mind from your cravings for coffee.

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