Cappuccino Vs Latte

Cappuccino Vs Latte: What’s The Difference?

Most coffee drinkers are faced with a lot of choices especially on what coffee blends in which to indulge. If you know your taste and have been a coffee fanatic for quite some time, you would know that cappuccino is one of the best and highly preferred types then and now. However, another type of coffee blend is also fast becoming a rival to the frothy and foamy java you have always loved – latte. So which really is a better choice?

There are different other choices you have in contemporary java blends including macchiato, mocha and espresso among others. You could also find must-have equipment to help you whip and create your very own rendition of your favorite caffeinated beverage. There are coffee cups, maker and machine and various recipes which you could use to mix and blend according to your palette. Amongst these varieties, cappuccino java and latte are two of the most well-known and preferred.

If you are still deciding what the best blend is for you, it helps to have an up close and personal look at cappuccino vs latte. It is helpful to know that these two varieties usually have similarities especially to their taste and aroma. This is simply because they have the same ingredients which include espresso topped with milk foam. As to the differences, here are salient details to note.


This blend is basically a mixture of 1/3 of espresso, another 1/3 steamed milk and the rest of the ingredients are frothed or foamed milk. It is known because of its thick layer of milk foam which is its significant identifier. Compared to its latte counterpart, this blend is quite stronger in terms of its taste. You could actually order two sub-types of this blend which are the wet or dry. Dry blends have more foam mixture rather than the steamed milk while wet blends are those with more milk than froth.


There are different foreign term for this blend specifically in French, German and Spanish which means it is likewise known and loved worldwide. This coffee type is often a great breakfast beverage. The recipes on how to make this blend include double shots of espresso and garnished with steamed milk and NOT foam or froth.  This is actually a very filling drink due to the generous amount of milk in its serving. In some baristas or café, you would see froth or foam on top of the coffee which is only used for presentation sake. The usual artistic toppings for latte are the leaf or heart shape.

Another difference that these two distinct blends have is the quality of coffee beans you use for the brew. It is basically one of the most important factors that affect the flavor and aroma of your coffee whether it is latte or cappuccino.

With this information you have about these two popular and preferred coffee blends, you have a better and clearer idea what cup of java to order the next time you visit your café.

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