Reasons To Drink Coffee

Five Healthy Reasons To Drink Coffee

Drinking coffee is not just a mere passion and hobby for some people because it becomes a personal choice in keeping healthy and strong. There are different types of coffee such as organic, black, and dandelion which all has coffee benefits. These are varieties of coffee which also has different features for taste and aroma. Nevertheless, you must remember that coffee drinking also has effects and risks on your health especially if you go overboard.

So what exactly are the health benefits of drinking a cup of coffee? There are different reasons why people splurge on their favorite brews each and every time. This is not only to quench your thirst for your favorite caffeinated brew. There are implications to your health which could either boost your energy or give you harmful side effects. Still the secret to making things work for your advantage is moderation.


One of the many proven impacts of coffee drinking is the increase of happiness. How? A John Hopkins research was conducted and showed that coffee drinkers are more susceptible to cheery attitudes due to the increase in the production of dopamine. Dopamine is hormone that is being pumped straight to your bloodstream and a good quantity of this hormone increases your happiness level. A cup of coffee per day is vital to avoid depression and anxiety, hence make sure you have it balanced.


Caffeine is not all negative effects on your health and body because it also has antioxidants. Antioxidants are vital substances in the body which are necessary to fight free radicals in the body which are causes of cell damage. Although coffee is not the topmost and main source of antioxidant, it is the most consumed.

Liver Function

Liver damage is also one of the health risks that coffee helps to reduce and finally eliminate in the end. Caffeine provides the needed protection for your liver especially if you take a cup of balanced coffee every night. Thus, coffee drinkers, even those who regularly take alcohol could actually reduce the risks of liver-related health problems such as cirrhosis.


Coffee is likewise a great protection from diabetes and other related complications due to this threatening health dilemma. Coffee especially balanced drinking allows the body to use the hormone insulin due to the minerals it contains including chromium and magnesium. Through coffee drinking, type 2 diabetes is prevented and effective and proper regulation of blood sugar is induced.


Coffee drinking also helps in boosting your short term memory. A cup of java a day actually sharpens your brain and memory and studies show that you could actually enhance your memory and avoid health risks such as Alzheimer’s disease and massive memory loss. In most cases, people who work longer hours and needed to stay up and alert needed their java blends to pep up their mood and thinking.

With the valuable and priceless benefits of drinking coffee to your health, it is no surprise that more and more people are getting hooked to this perennial trend. The secret to making it work is moderation and balance.

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