Coffee Health: Facts & Myths

Coffee & Health: Facts & Myths

The best thing about drinking coffee is that you have a variety of blends to choose from. More than the aroma and taste, you are also 100% sure that there are great health benefits for balanced and moderate drinkers. Nevertheless, what is truly confusing is that there are both facts and myths linked with drinking coffee. Hence, if you wanted to have a clear-cut overview of sure coffee benefits, you must research and know more about what is true and what the misconceptions are.

Here are some of the facts and myths as to the effects or risks of drinking coffee. Take note that caffeine is not all negative and health hazards. In order to concoct the best benefits for your body, make sure you take things in moderation. Overdrinking coffee would only mean you are risking your health more than making it a healthier option.

Myth #1: Caffeine triggers heart diseases.

Fact #1: Certified scientific and medical studies show that caffeine consumption is not directly and accurately linked to the risk of cardiovascular ailments. Moreover, it does not increase cholesterol contents and level nor does it cause irregularity of heartbeat. Although there are cases when blood pressure is increased with coffee drinking, this is attributed to those who are sensitive to caffeine substance. Nevertheless, it is not true to all and blood pressure irregularity is not a direct effect of drinking coffee.

Myth #2: Caffeine has addictive effects.

Fact #2: Addiction to coffee or caffeine is basically the same as being addicted and hooked to working, shopping or television. There are organic types of coffee or decaf which does not have addictive substances. However, those who wanted to cut their coffee consumption must basically consider quitting but not in an abrupt manner. That’s because quitting caffeine all at once could result to health implications such as fatigue, headache or drowsiness. A better option is to stop coffee drinking in a gradual fashion in order to avoid the side effects.

Myth #3: Caffeine is the main cause of cancer.

Fact #3: This is one of the most false and untrue things known about coffee. It is a misconception since a lot of substantial evidences in the scientific realm prove that caffeine does not increase the possibilities of cancer. For instance, coffee has antioxidants which fight off free radicals that causes cell damage and in worse scenarios, terminal ailments like cancer.

Myth #4: Caffeine must never be taken by pregnant women.

Fact #4: Moderation is still the key to avoiding the hazards and risks of caffeine especially with delicate conditions such as pregnancy. There are actually no known adverse effects of caffeine to the body and the unborn infant especially if you take it in moderation. Moreover, pregnant women experience certain changes in their taste buds hence drinking coffee or tea is not much of a problem.

You could still enjoy your favorite java brew everyday without getting too fidgety and pessimistic about its health risks and results. The best weapon is to know and understand the facts to get rid of the negative impacts of the myths about coffee.

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