Java Coffee

Java Coffee – Indonesia’s Finest

If you are searching for coffee by region, Java coffee ought to be on top of your list. This type of coffee is originally grown and produced on the island of Java, Indonesia which is the significant part of the Dutch East Indies. This type of coffee is definitely one of the oldest and perennially loved coffee types which were part of the beverage culture as early as the 17th century.

Since then, it has been highly preferred and developed worldwide recognition. Java coffee has been globally exported which made it a worldwide hit among coffee aficionados. Take note that in the United States, the term “java” is actually a slang which is used to call coffee.

History of Indonesian Coffee

In the early 17th century, the Dutch began growing and cultivating the coffee trees in the remarkable regions of Java. It has been recorded that the agricultural system of coffee on Java has been considerably changed ever since. However, in the later years of 1880, there has been a rust plague which significantly affected and killed off a salient quantity of the coffee plantation stocks located in Sukabumi. This plague has struck the nearby regions before it began to spread and proliferate in the parts of East Java along with Central Java areas.

Due to this agricultural mayhem, the Dutch came up with another agricultural system for coffees. They basically replaced Arabica coffee trees with Liberica types. This coffee type is actually much tougher than Arabica but is also unpalatable to the taste. In the latter part, the Dutch came up with growing and producing Robusta coffee in Java. In the previous years, the old colonial era of coffee plantation and production has been cut to just a fraction of coffee
grown exactly on the Java island. This very minimal quantity of coffee produced in Java is mostly composed of the higher valued and high grade variety of Arabica coffee.

The coffee production of Java Arabica coffee is primarily centered on the region called the Ijen Plateau which is located at the eastern end of the Java Island. The location is actually at an altitude measuring more than 1,400 meters. In the 18th century, the Dutch built large estates where they could actually grow coffee with high grade quality. Five of the largest estates where Java coffee was produced include Blawan, Pancoer, Jampit, Tugosari and Kayumas.

Heavy-Bodied and Delicious Taste

The production process is undergone with the step-by-step method of transporting the ripe cherries straight to the mills after they are being harvested. The cherries undergo the fermentation process where the pulp is fermented and primarily washed off utilizing the wet process. This method results to heavy-bodied, good and sweet coffee and the finest characterized with the supple and smooth textures. If you are looking to try a new coffee that is rich in flavor and delicious you could try the coffee specialty of Java Island. There are online stores you could find where to order the best and oftentimes expensive coffee source which is also made Kopi Luwak, the costliest coffee type in the entire world.

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