Mr. Coffee IDS77

Mr. Coffee IDS77 – Grind To Perfection

The Mr. Coffee IDS77 Electric Coffee Grinder with Chamber Maid Cleaning System is definitely a jam-packed model which enhances your coffee making experience. The model allows you to grind quality and fresh coffee beans, retain its flavor and taste and give you heavenly aroma in every cup of brew. The freshly ground coffee completes the brewing process and if you want a separate unit to do the grinding, this is the product to look for.

It basically lets you make your own customized measurement with just the right amount of coffee beans you need. You could choose from four to twelve cups of beans to grind depending on your preferences. The moment you have the amount of your choice, you could set the grinder to your preferred amount and simply push the grind button fuss-free.

Different coffee lovers also vary in their choices of ground coffee but the electric coffee grinder from Mr. Coffee could put up with the challenge. For instance, it could allow you to choose whether your coffee beans are to be grinded fine, medium or coarse. It all depends on you how strong you want your coffee to be, the unit would deliver your preference.

If you find it hard to use and operate the unit or if you are still indecisive of what your cup of brew should come out, you could find valuable recommendations from the instruction book. The grinder unit itself also has labeling so that it is much easier for you to know which button has what type of function. Along with these important contents, you also learn how many tablespoons of fresh coffee beans for every cup of coffee to have.

The indicator lights also play a valuable and functional role in the overall operation of the unit. For instance, it helps you choose and see the setting of your choice. The button is actually held down while the grinding process is still going on. No need for you to constantly monitor the grinding process since it has automatic turn off when the coffee beans are completely ground. If you see that there are a couple of beans which are not yet grinded, you could shake it around and press the unit again for a second or two.

All in all, the standard grinding process may take 15 seconds to produce fresh ground coffee for a full dozen cups of coffee. You could certain experiment with your coffee beans and get varying flavors on hand. Best of all, you are 101% sure that your coffee grinds are fresh and ensure great taste and aroma.

As the name implies, the unit has the cleaning system inside the bean chamber which basically scrapes the java grinds at the side and bottom. The best maintenance feature is that the pieces of the model perfectly and securely fit but also come apart easily for convenient washing.

Fresh coffee beans are grinded with high quality output, only this product could ever deliver! It’s a great investment to complete your coffee making collection.

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