Black & Decker DCM18S

Black & Decker DCM18S – Great For Commuters!

One of the many positive feedback about the Black & Decker DCM18S Brew ‘n Go Personal Coffeemaker with Travel Mug model is that it is a great alternative to expensive coffeemakers. If you are in a tight budget but would still want to have a quality cup of brew every day, this model would definitely give you everything you need. Not only is it cost-efficient, actual users of the product give credit to the fact that you could use any type of regular coffee with it.

First off, take note that this model is basically a drip maker and not pressure. Thus, you would have to invest like a couple of minutes to brew your java blend. Nevertheless, the end product is really superb, great tasting and aromatic coffee the way you like it. Since the unit is quite compatible with a lot of varying coffee types, it also adjustable features.

You could control and set the strength, the amount of water used and the best thing is that it does not require water filter for the process. However, you may find some grit in your coffee without the water filters used although having it may not really affect the flavor. Some people even like it in their coffee.

If you prefer to use filters however, the unit is also inclusive of the mesh filter. You may also use paper filters if you do not want to bother yourself cleaning the mesh filter of the unit. Other than that, there are also features you would appreciate in terms of maintenance and cleaning. For instance, it only has very minimal drips and only when you take the cup out. Users commend however that compared to other coffee making machines, this unit is really more clean and leak-free.

This model from Black & Decker is truly a gem in the kitchen of most coffee lovers because of its user-friendly feature. Everything you need to know is indicated in the user’s manual while the unit also has indicators and labels on it for easy use. It has a modern and chic design which makes an additional boost and décor in your kitchen or office pantry. Best of all, it does not consume too much space in the counter. Hence, you need not put it away in a cabinet especially if you need to access and use it every day.

Others find it really practical to utilize with its energy efficient features through automatic shut off system. It allows you to minimize your carbon footprint at home while never fails to deliver great coffee blends just like the ones you get from larger drip brewers. It also comes with a travel mug which is quite handy and portable you could use it anywhere, anytime.

There are no pots to clean and it gives you your cup of brew for as fast as five minutes tops! This is a great kitchen and coffee making investment because of its durable features and system. It is a must-have coffee lovers should never miss! For more information and to compare prices visit eBay, Amazon and ConsumerReports.Com.

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