Cuisinart DCC-1200

Cuisinart DCC-1200 12-Cup – A Coffee Lover’s Delight

Coffee lovers found the features they were looking for in a dependable and innovative coffee maker unit. The Cuisinart DCC-1200 12-cup Brew Central Coffeemaker is the best model to invest on if you are aiming for hot and excellent tasting coffee. There are lots of advanced features incorporated in this coffee making wonder.

The carafe is one of the most sought-after features of the unit as it is solidly constructed in the body which perfectly fits the square shape of the unit. The square carafe securely fits in the machine which means that you could place it anywhere in the kitchen or in your office without worrying that someone might accidentally knock it loose.

The lid is likewise a great reliable feature because it is perfectly tight and fit in the unit. Thus the pouring of the brew is precisely smooth and narrow without any messy leaks or drips or side leaks which happen when the pot is basically full. It also has the basket which is securely fitted inside the housing of the unit. This is quite unlike other coffee making models which have baskets that swing free and tend to misalign the water and the water filter.

It guarantees neat and hassle-free use without you worrying so much about the messy aftermaths. Moreover, the conical basket is quite compatible with the gold-tone paper filters although you have to double check the units you use. That’s because not all gold filters would fit and you may end up buying something you could not use.

The coffee machine likewise features the carafe warmer which could be diversely set to different functions. For instance, it could be set for low, medium or high temperature depending on your preferences. If you want your coffee black but not scalding yet hot at the same time, turning on the high setting may not be a good idea. However, setting it in “high” could be amenable if you add lots of milk on your cup of java.

The brewing process is another remarkable feature that the unit brags about since it guarantees efficient and fast processing. In fact, it would only take about a minute or two to make or brew a cup of coffee. You could also choose the 1-4 cup setting so that your small amount of coffee stays hot for a longer period of time or depending on how long you want your java to stay warmer. You would know that the brewing is finally complete with the pot beeps five times. The beep also signifies that the warming plate is about to shut off.

On top of its functional features, the model is also equipped with other amazing benefits especially its sleek and modern construction and design. It has the stainless and retro look which perfectly complements different kitchen themes and designs. The parts at the top portion of the unit are dishwasher safe and its water filter system ensures you get improved coffee flavor all the time. Coffee drinking is indeed more enjoyable if you find quality coffee making  machines today.

For more information online about the Cuisinart DCC-1200 12-Cup Coffeemaker and to compare prices may consider, eBay and Cuisinart.Com.

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