Cuisinart DCC-2600 Revew

Review of the Cuisinart DCC-2600 Coffeemaker

If you love your old units of Cuisinart coffee makers, you would certainly enjoy double the new and updated Cuisinart DCC-2600 Brew Central 14-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker with Glass Carafe. The model basically answers all the annoying issues of the older version models such as the dripping cover which has leaking problems to the fill tank. You also get better features such as much more efficient fill tank opening and the water level guide which is placed outside the unit.

There are many other exciting and valuable features along with the benefits they deliver for remarkable coffee making and drinking experience. It has the water reservoir complete with water level indicator window. All you have to do is open the reservoir cover with its easy-lift up feature. You could pour in the amount of water of your choice or based on the water level indicator which you could see at the side area of the coffeemaker window.

The showerhead of the unit is used to distribute the water in an even manner over the coffee. Due to this process, it results to temperature loss reduction because the water basically passes through the grounds. Another feature of the unit which results to producing quality coffee brews is the charcoal water filter along with the filter basket. The water filter functions as the eliminator of elements in the water that affects the taste such as chlorine, calcium and many other bad tastes. The filter basket on the other hand could accommodate and hold up to four paper filters or one permanent filter.

The control panel has features which are definitely user-friendly because it has everything you need for convenient and fast operation and coffee making process. First, it contains the On and Off buttons, Hour and Minute buttons and the clock display. It also has the Strength Selector where you could opt for regular and bold buttons that allow you to select the intensity of coffee flavor of preference.

The unit also has the cup setting which chooses the number of cups you want to produce per coffee making or brewing. For instance, the one to four cup setting button allows smaller amounts of coffee. However, the only difference it has with other models is that it has the “double heat” system. Thus, even if you are just producing smaller amounts of coffee, you get piping hot and really great tasting full pots of coffee.

For those who do not want to bother themselves with time and energy consuming maintenance and cleaning, the self-clean setting is a great asset. It also helps you determine if it is high time to clean your coffee maker with its built-in indicator. Other features include adjustable heater plate, carafe, cord storage and measuring scoop for the coffee ground.

Enjoy a great brew of coffee or customize your java blend with reliable and high quality tools and coffee makers. This is a must-have investment that all coffee enthusiasts must never dare miss to continuously enjoy flavorful and aromatic cup of coffee!

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