Mr. Coffee DRX5

Mr. Coffee DRX5 Programmable Coffee Machine

There are lots of reasons why hundreds of coffee drinkers choose the Mr. Coffee DRX5 4-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker. For instance, they wanted to cut their consumption of coffee and adjust their intake for a much smaller amount. Or if you want to have a smaller unit to fit your smaller kitchen counter or office area, this personal coffee maker is perfect.

Although it is much portable and smaller in size, it never cuts short of the rich features and remarkable functions you need for a great coffee making and drinking ordeal. There are lots of features and specs incorporated in this model which make it an innovative and reliable partner in making your favorite cup of coffee.

Taste for instance is an important element ensured with the utilization of this one-of-a-kind kitchen accessory. You could use regular or gourmet coffee and the java comes out with the remarkable flavor you are looking for. You could use cold water in brewing and if you want immaculately great textured coffee without the grits and impurities, make sure you use paper filters.

Time is likewise of the essence if you use this coffee making machine since it only takes about five minutes of your precious time to brew all four cups of coffee. From the moment you place it in a filter, add the coffee grounds and brew the beverage, your time is definitely saved. After using it, you could rinse the carafe and remove the coffee filter basket to discard and clean any residues before putting it away. All these are done in such small amount of time and you are 100% sure that the flavor is never at all compromised.

The unit is likewise inclusive of the well built and convenient to use 4-cup carafe. It is the feature which guarantees pouring the beverage without the risk of messy spills and drips. Aside from its function, the carafe is likewise very convenient to clean and maintain that’s why you need not waste much of your time cleaning the carafe or the entire unit to keep its quality.

This programmable coffeemaker is quite a wise and practical investment especially for people who are always busy and on the run. It has the brewing pause ‘n serve button which is basically a great feature that allows you to pour your coffee while it is still in the brewing process. The automatic shut off setting is ideal for those who tend to leave their coffee but still want it warm when they come back. This lets you keep your coffee warm for up to two long hours.

If you want a unit that is fuss-free and mess-free, this is the model you are searching for. It has the cord storage space so that you could keep your counter neat and “cordless” when you are not using your coffee maker. Wise and practical coffee making system is definitely possible with this model from Mr. Coffee, programmed for an enjoyable coffee experience anytime, anywhere.

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