McDonalds McCafe Review

McCafe: McDonalds Joins The Coffeeshop Leaders

Every kid and America, and also those in other countries, grew up with McDonalds in mind as the best place to eat with family and friends. Forget about fine dining restaurants and fancy diners because this is the rave in the United States. And to serve their customers with more variety, there is now the McCafe to rival big name coffee shops.

So from the regular selection of burgers, fries, chicken meals, and float, you can now also enjoy a wide selection of fine gourmet coffees at McDonalds, or their coffee-dedicated McCafe branch. So what does it have to offer the coffee-craving taste buds of the population? Here is a short trip for some quick facts:

Gourmet Coffee Selections

Deviating from the old and classical black coffee and going with the ever-growing trend set by big coffee shops like Starbucks, McCafe came up with a line of coffee-turned-gourmet products that will surely excite the taste buds of coffee-enthusiasts.

With a rich selection of flavors to choose from, there is something new you can look forward to after every visit. You can try their mocha, caramel mocha, latte, cappuccino, and frappe.cets of the original coffee and takes it with a spin

Gourmet Fruit Beverages

But even large and dedicated coffee shops are not exclusively serving caffeinated beverages only. They also have something for customers that are not so into the trend of coffee. This is to make sure that the chain is serving as many group of people as possible.

And to satisfy the need, McCafe also offers fruit-based beverages and shakes like the McCafe Strawberry Banana Smoothie and the McCafe Wild Berry Smoothie. With these drinks, nutrition is added into the mix.

Gourmet Desserts

While the coffee delights and the gourmet fruit beverages of McCafe are fine standalones, they would do so much better if they are partnered with a fine dessert or matching meal. Just as a hot cup of coffee would be more complete with a slice of cake of pie, McCafe coffees will also do well with a partner.

Luckily, McCafe is nothing short of matching coffee partners. They have regular cookies, raisin cookies, sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, baked apple pies, and other delectable treats. These will make you McCafe experience more memorable.

Wherever You Go

And the best thing about McCafe is that the number of chains is increasing across the United States. That means, more people can enjoy the McCafe coffees and McCafe fruit beverages. All you need to do now and know the nearest McCafe from your place. So how do you find one?

Rather than give you a long list, it may be better to just tell you how to find one. You can simply visit and go under the locations tab. Just enter your zip code and a list of the nearest branches will be given to you.

So do you find McCafe now as interesting as the old McDonalds? If you are not convinced yet, it might be better to try it out. And for some freebies, you can check coupons at MrCheapStuff.Com.

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