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Decaf Coffee – All About Decaffeinated Java

The trend of coffee drinking is one of the most thriving and perennial reality then, now and most certainly in the future. Coffee has definitely been in the industry for hundreds of years and its continuous development would surely guarantee its existence in the years to come. One of the most significant trends in the coffee realm today is the salient switch of people from conventional coffee to decaf coffee.

There are different things related to decaffeinated brews which must be closely considered in order to understand why the big and rapid switch. The decaffeination process is actually made organic with the use of the Swiss Water process. This is unlike the first and traditional methods used to remove the caffeine contents in coffee beans where you use solvent. Through the new decaffeination and organic process, coffee drinkers are quite secure and safe in their consumption because no chemicals are used.

Caffeine Content

In order for a coffee to be classified decaf, it must remove a whopping 97% content of caffeine in its composition. Due to this process, most people are quite pessimistic about its taste and aroma. Good thing the technological advancement in the coffee industry now guarantees the retention of great and rich flavor and smell of the decaf brew.

Health Benefits & Side Effects

There are outstanding benefits of decaf java given the fact that its caffeine content is drastically minimized. For instance, you would not experience the side effects of drinking too much caffeine and having a high amount of this compound in your system. Most decaf brews are likewise organic thus it is basically healthier to take and much safer to the environment. Make sure you choose Fairtrade decaf to support small coffee growers and the entire coffee industry as well.

Moderation of drinking decaf brew is still the key and secret to avoid the setbacks especially to your health. For instance, too much intake of decaf java could lead to certain health risks including osteoporosis, acid reflux and more serious heart ailments. This health problem is usually accounted for the increase of cholesterol which is triggered by the chemical contents of decaf brew.

Due to the deposition of bad cholesterol in the heart and blood system, there are inevitable drawbacks to your health including blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. Drinking too much decaf also results to the decrease of calcium in the body. Thus, the development of osteoporosis is most likely to coffee drinker especially decaffeinated ones.

Best Brands

Decaffeinated brews are great energy boosters especially if you need a good perk during work or long hours of staying awake. There are different brands in the market today to choose from. You could have a great cup of Starbucks decaf brew, Nescafe, Cafedirect and Clipper Fair Trade Organic Decaffeinated Freeze Dried Arabica Coffee.

The continuous and apparent passion for coffee would always be a reality in the world then and now. To enjoy rich and great flavorful and aromatic brews with decaffeinated content, make sure you have moderation to avoid its side effects.

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