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Espresso Machines – Reviews of the Best Models

Young and old, alike, cannot get enough of the heavenly brew that is espresso. That is why espresso machines are as sought after as the end product. Today, people’s taste cannot forego the experience of sharing an espresso with a loved one, an acquaintance, and sometimes, even a stranger.

The market demand for espresso machines is boosted by home owners and the growing coffee shop industry. Thus, top Espresso makers are scrambling to meet this market demand and present a machine that delivers flavor and performance. Pick your machine:


Breville espresso machines areĀ  moderately priced brewing equipment. They are small and relatively compact as compared to other brands. It’s a simple and basic machine to operate, but you need strong and stable hand as technique to be able to produce an acceptable cup. Serious espresso enthusiasts prefer a more complicated machine over this.


For an average price of $100, a novice espresso maker can create a great brew. However, most reviews encourage its users to buy a quality grinder for dark roasted coffee beans to grind evenly. But, if you want to make an espresso with less work, there are other options to consider. Aside from the usual characteristics, it has a 24 hour programmable timer and a pause and serve button. The pause and serve button allows you stop the brewing process for a moment. So, an impatient drinker can get a cup before the whole brew is finished.


Most consumers are entranced by the Gaggia brand. Critics rate this a 4 to 4.5 out of 5 stars. This brand receive the high ratings and reviews stemming from their historic reputation. The founder of this company was the pioneer of one of the first espresso machines in the world.


Krups are small and travel-friendly espresso machines. They require careful work when handling the machines to get the espresso blend you want. Their price ranges are very affordable, but do not expect a better blend than more expensive machines. The brand is more popular through their coffee machines rather than the specific espresso machines. However, an experienced barista has no trouble producing an excellent cup using Krups espresso machines.


Saeco espresso machines deliver consistent flavor at less cost. Depending on the model, a Saeco espresso machine can cost $200-$700. When you scout for espresso machines, you will notice that if you like high quality and perfection in your espresso with the least work and machine maintenance, the more expensive they get. So, if you’re not afraid of a little work or experiment, then go for the cheaper machines and have your espresso adventure. You can also look for the cheaper but quality versions on e-Bay.

Other Top Espresso Machines

The Rancilio Silvia is lauded by coffee critics as the best espresso machine. It has garnered as high as 4.5 out of 5 stars by a lot of users. It costs around $600 or $700 per machine. It’s worth the money just by having great cups of espresso everyday.

Note that mastering some of these machines do not lie in the instruction manuals, but in constant practice and experimentation. Noticing the difference in taste when some of the elements (such as water temperature, grind texture, time) would make it easier for you to adjust to the right direction. Your palette seldom makes mistakes, so trust it. Choose an espresso maker that fits your budget, and you’ll be fine.

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