How To Make Espresso Coffee

Three Ways To Prepare Espresso At Home

Espresso is made by forcing hot water through finely ground coffee beans. This process requires steam and pressure that is ideally achievable only through espresso machines, however quality machines like these have a price range of about $400-6000. This article will discuss cheaper alternatives for how to make espresso at home without spending big bucks on an expensive espresso machine.

Moka pot

These are also called stovetop espresso makers, they range from $7-15 and can make 5-7 shots of espresso at once. You only have to fill the lower chamber with water and place ground coffee beans in the filter. Heat the machine over a stove top with medium heat until the water boils. This forces the water to pass through the ground coffee into the top chamber. It’s a quick process that yields espresso with full-bodied flavor. It’s ideal for most coffee lovers because moka pots don’t require any special skills to operate.

The French press

A Press pot or French press is a cylindrical glass pot fitted with a plunger and a filter. A french press usually takes skill and practice to use and is popular among coffee critics and enthusiasts. Espresso is made by pouring water with a temperature of about 200?F into the glass chamber with ground coffee. The technique is to position the plunger to keep the heat in and let the coffee sit for 3-4 minutes. Push the plunger down slowly and keep it straight to avoid coffee grounds from escaping into the top portion.


The AeroPress is a relatively new gadget similar to the french press. It reduces brewing time to 20 seconds and produces espresso with low acidity and bitterness. Place a micro-filter at the bottom of the gadget and position it over a heavy glass or ceramic mug. Pour hot water and ground coffee in the brewing chamber and stir. Wait for 20 seconds then cover with a plunger and press down until it hits the grounds. You get a perfect single shot of espresso in your mug without the bitter or burnt taste that longer processes have.

Perfect Espresso with your coffee grinder

A good coffee grinder is indispensable. A perfect grind is absolutely an essential tip to make the best cup of espresso. With a french press you need consistent large particles. You don?t get that with cheap blade grinders because they produce uneven clumps with small and large particles. With too small particles, you end up with an unpleasant sludge at the bottom of your cup and acerbic grit. Meanwhile the AeroPress uses a uniform fine grind and  if big particles are mixed with it the flavor will be compromised. So, purchase a coffee grinder with good quality and consistency.

The freshness of the bean is also another consideration, freshly roasted beans can be stored for up to ten days only. If it’s older than 10 days, it gets stale and does not produce a blend with clean flavor. The water used should be filtered, trace elements like chlorine can alter the taste of the brew. You should also consider heating your mugs before pouring espresso in it, a cold cup can result in lukewarm espresso which compromises the drinking experience.

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