Coffee: First Uses & Origins

What Were The First Uses and Origins of Coffee?

Coffee is an integral part of human culture from practically all around the world. For instance, you could trace back the history of coffee as early as the thirteenth century. Nevertheless, the origin of coffee and where it exactly comes from and how it came to be is quite unclear. For authentic coffee lovers and connoisseurs, it is not only the knowing of what type of blend and how to make your favorite brew that counts. It is very significant that you also know the historical accounts of coffee.

First Drinkers Were The Oromo People in Ethiopia

In terms of its history, coffee is believed to originate from the ancient Ethiopian countries which are referred to as the Oromo people. They actually are the ones who discovered and recognized the salient impacts of coffee especially its energizing effects to the drinker. Where do coffee beans come from and what are the different types of coffee enjoyed in the US and worldwide?

Aside from knowing the historical accounts of coffee, you would also come across the different coffee shops, houses and caffeinated beverages in the entire coffee industry.

Coffee Then Spread To Egypt and Yemen

Although there are believed accounts that the first coffees are from Ethiopia, there are really no accurate indications of the specific place where in Africa it comes from. From its origin in Ethiopia, it is believed that coffee spread to Yemen and Egypt. It is discovered with credible historical background that coffee has been consumed evidently in the 15th century. The place where coffee was known in the early century is the Sufi monasteries situated in Yemen.

After The Arabian Peninsula It Spread To The Middle East

Just like in its contemporary preparation, coffee is known to be brewed and roasted which actually started in Arabia. This perennially loved caffeinated beverage has proliferated in the 16th century especially to the rest of the Middle East regions, Turkey, Persia and northern Africa. From there, coffee has become a great and highly preferred beverage in the rest of the world such as Europe, the Americas and Indonesia.

Coffee is such a rich beverage in taste and aroma however it is likewise rich and full in terms of its legendary and historical accounts. The first uses of the java blend are related with the Yemenite Sufi figure. The figure is named Ghothul Akbar Nooruddin Abu-al-Hasan al-Shadhili. He discovered the vitality that coffee brings when he tried the berries which some exotic birds have been feasting on. He brought the berries to the nearby Muslim monastery however the man he brought the berries to threw them into the fire which in turn resulted into an excellent aroma.

The burnt berries where scooped out and dissolved in hot water and when they tried the brew, it is the origin of what is now known as coffee. The Oromo people are the ones who basically discovered coffee and used it as an energy booster. In the African countries, it is believed that they used coffee as stimulant.

Coffee is undeniably the best beverage which has stayed in the industry for centuries. Knowing the history of your coffee is definitely a requirement for you to become a certified coffee aficionado.

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