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Best Iced Coffee Around The World

Iced coffee is one of the most refreshing drinks that coffee lovers are searching for. If you are looking for the best chilled java, the best way of doing it is to classify iced cold coffee according to the regions or countries it come from. Knowing where the coffee comes from would help you determine the distinct characteristics and textures of the java to order. Much better, you would know how to make the coffee right in your very own home, office or anywhere else you want to.

There are innumerable sources you could resort to in order to create your chilled coffee treat. For instance, you need to choose what coffee maker or machine to use as well as the ingredients to integrate to your brew.

Thai Iced Java

As the name implies, this oriental coffee is one of the most preferred which could give you the most refreshing brews. The ingredients include ground cardamom spice, sugar, almond extract and heavy cream. The best way of preparing this type of coffee is to brew any coffee of your choice anyway you want it. However, before you brew the coffee, make sure to mix the blend of ground coffee with ground cardamom. After brewing the blend, add the sugar to taste along
with the almond to the hot brew. Stir the mixture well and let stand until it is no longer very hot. Refrigerate the coffee until it is fully chilled and you could serve it over crushed ice. There are also choices where you could add cream to glass for a much more exciting twist.

Boston Iced Java

This coffee is a great blend known for its full-bodied taste, creamy texture and rich aroma. The ingredients needed for this blend include cold coffee of your choice, brandy and white crème de cacao. It is a foolproof preparation where you only need to pour out every ingredient into an appropriate glass. Stir the mixture using the spoon and to get a full-bodied blend. The end product is garnished with lemon twist as you serve it chilled or over crushed ice.

Café Mexicano Iced Java

There are different spices and other add-ons you need for this Mexican-inspired blend which include heavy cream, nutmeg, cinnamon, chocolate sauce and sugar to taste. Separately make the heavy cream whip and let stand. Combine the nutmeg and sugar into the brew. Next, you line the bottom of the demitasse cups with chocolate sauce before you mixed in the cinnamon to the coffee blend. Stir well the syrup prior to pouring it into the cups. Put the cream to the cup of blend before you have it refrigerated.

Jamaican Iced Java

This type of coffee is much stronger than the Boston coffee blend where you need dark um, hot black coffee, Tia Maria coffee liqueur and whipping cream. Put everything into the glass or container and shake the mixture well. Strain the contents of the container and pour it into a wine goblet over crushed ice. You could put additional spices to your coffee such as sprig of mint and get ready to serve and enjoy a refreshing drink.

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