Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee: Learn The Basics

Most coffee aficionados and enthusiasts become more and more hooked to Turkish coffee because of its unique and flavorful taste. It is also preferred for its aromatic blend and perennially loved flavor which has been in history for quite a long, long time. In order to know more about this type of specialty coffee there are various features to consider. Turkish java is specialty coffee which is perennially loved and has become a great part of history. There are special features to learn and discover to further appreciate this coffee type including its origins, methods and preparation as well as coffee pots and cups.

History of Turkish Coffee

The history of Turkish coffee is traced as early as the 11th century in the Ethiopian regions where it was first discovered. Although it was originally deemed as a medicinal source, it was later in the 14th century when it was introduced in Yemen that coffee drinking was popularized. In the following centuries, coffee cultivation and drinking was introduced in places such as Istanbul, Turkey and spread to other parts of the world such as Europe and the Americas. There are many variants of coffee from different areas of the world, however Turkish types of coffee blends as well as the ones in the Arabic regions are popular and well-renowned.

How to Make Turkish Coffee

There is a traditional way how to make Turkish coffee. However, in order to maximize and fit different palettes, most coffee lovers integrate additional ingredients. There are methods and processes to consider such as roasting and grinding the coffee beans. The thick texture and rich flavor of the coffee is guaranteed and produced through the fine and roasted powder of the coffee beans. Hence, it requires roasting of the coffee beans prior to preparation. Moreover, you need to grind the coffee such as the ones for the espresso set in order to powderize the coffee beans. Moreover, you needed high quality bottled water with room temperature to get the best flavor and taste of the brew.

Turkish Coffee Pots

Turkish coffee pots play a vital role in the preparation of this variety of coffee as well as getting the best taste and flavor. There are different features to consider when choosing coffee pots for the perfect Turkish brew including the materials used, the handle and the size of the equipment. In terms of the materials, there are generally three types such as stainless steel, copper tin and brass tin lined materials. For the handle, safety and convenience of use is vital in choosing the right equipment. There are wooden, brasses or non-burning plastic handles that help you safely and directly place the coffee pot on the stove. The size is considered depending on the serving preferences.

Turkish coffee is definitely world-class, making it one of the most popular choices among coffee lovers and connoisseurs. Enjoying this specialty blend is equivocal to having an in-depth knowledge and information about the beverage its history, equipment and methods for preparation.

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