History of Turkish Coffee

A Brief History Of Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is a coffee variant which is prepared through boiling the finely powdered and roasted coffee beans using a pot called cezve. It is optionally prepared with sugar and the name is derived from the preparation process of the brew and not the raw materials used. If you are an aficionado of specialty coffees then you will definitely want to learn about the history of Turkish coffee.

Turkish Coffee Advent in Yemen

The coffee plant is actually discovered during the 11th century in Ethiopia and people who first saw this magical fruit with its outstanding aroma first thought of it as a medicinal item. After its popularity in the Ethiopian regions, it instantly spread especially throughout the Arabian Peninsula. During the turn of the 14th century, cultivation of coffee is already blossoming in Yemen. In the next 300 years, it has officially become a great and highly preferred beverage in the area, following the processes and recipes first introduced in Ethiopia. Rich coffee harvests are historically recorded and cultivation of high quality coffee beans is guaranteed. Yemen is featured with the most appropriate climate plus the fertile soil which makes an ideal condition for coffee cultivation and harvest.

Popularity of Coffee in Istanbul

Coffee branched out to Istanbul in 1543 especially during the reign of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. The Ottoman Governor of Yemen is instrumental to the introduction and popularity of coffee in the region. While in Istanbul and the palace of the ottoman, there is a new type of method which is used for coffee preparation. The coffee beans are roasted over fire, grounded and boiled. This method of preparation brought about a new aroma and taste and it has made coffee an even more renowned brew.

Turkish Coffee Spreading to Europe

The rest of the world specifically the Europeans got their first sip of coffee in 1615 with the Venetian merchants who learned to love the drink while they were in Istanbul. The first coffee house was opened in Italy during 1645 and coffeehouses literally sprouted like mushrooms due to the millions of people who cultivated their coffee passion. In 1660, it has reached Marseilles and in 1669 in Paris and Vienna in 1683. London was introduced to coffee drinking during 1637 when the drink was introduced by a Turk in Oxford. In fact, it has become so popular that students in the said university formed their Oxford Coffee Club.

Reaching American Shores

In 1668, coffee has reach North America and the first coffeehouse called The King’s Arms opened in 1696. It was the Dutch who discovered coffee saplings from their Java plantations and planted it in Paris in 1714. However, through the French mariner Gabriel du Clieu, coffee spread through the Caribbean islands and reached Central and South America. It was popularized until Brazil became the number one coffee producer in the world, supplying up to 35% of coffee in the globe.

Turkish coffee is a specialty brew which is one of the most sought after and enjoyed among coffee enthusiasts.

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