Turkish Coffee Pots

Finding The Perfect Turkish Coffee Cezve

Coffee pots for Turkish coffee are also termed as cezve or ibrik or ibriq and these items are basically designed to make perfect cup of brews with the Turkish origin and features. Historians conclude that in the late 15th century, Turkish types of coffee pots are used by the ottomans in order to make coffee. Around the years 1554-1555, households and coffeehouses in Istanbul, Turkey popularized the use of this coffee equipment.

In order to know which coffee pots to use for your Turkish java preparation, there are various things to consider. Here are some of the varieties of coffee pots or cezve according to different types of features.

By Materials

There are generally three options when searching for coffee pots according to the type of materials used. This includes the stainless steel materials, copper tin lined and brass tin lined ibriks. In recent years, the coffee pots which are popularly used include the copper tin and brass tin lined pots. However, in present days, there are modern types of copper and brass materials. Moreover, contemporary coffee aficionados and enthusiasts prefer using stainless steels for their favorite Turkish blend. These materials are highly preferred because it guarantees great taste and aroma.

By Handle

Just like materials, the handle is likewise a very salient criterion to consider when choosing a coffee pot for your Turkish brew. The preparation and method of brewing Turkish blend requires you to directly place the coffee pot on top of the heat source or stove. Hence, make sure that you use the handle that does not easily get burned, melted or hot. Stainless steel materials for coffee pots usually have handles with stainless steel or non-burning plastic. Copper tin and brass tin lined ibriks on the other hand have brass or wooden handles which are quite convenient to use and safe.

By Size

Size is usually featured in coffee pots for convenience and it is almost always related to the serving preferences and information. The number of java cups you could serve is dependent on the size of the coffee pot you use for the preparation. Pot size ranges from serving the smallest portion of a single cup of coffee to the largest which is from five to six. If you are just an occasional coffee drinker, the best choice is the smallest types of ibriks which allow you to prepare one serving at a time. However, if you often host coffee party with your friends, a bigger coffee pot is a must.

About Turkish Java Cups

Cups for your Turkish blends are designed in order to retain the heat of the brew while you are drinking. In most cases, this equipment is similar to cups used for espresso blends especially when it comes to its sizes and shapes. There are regular types which are simple and affordable however there are also most expensive coffee cups which are also handcrafted.

Turkish coffee pots are not your conventional or ordinary type of equipment for coffee preparation since it is a salient piece of coffee history. It also makes your coffee drinking experience more enjoyable and flavorful.

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